10 Must Know Google Plus Tips For Better Marketing

10 Must Know Google Plus Tips For Better Marketing

10 Must Know Google Plus Tips For Better Marketing:

1. Mention Someone Using “@” or “+”

To mentioned someone on your post or comment, just type the starting letter in their name preceded with “@” or “+” and you can choose the person from the suggested list.  Well

2. Mention “People not in your circles ” Using “+”

3. Write in bold or italic or strike

“Mukund” in bold, you need to type*Mukund*. Similarly, to make them appear in italic, you need to add underscores before and after the word (Example: _Mukund_).

4. Import Friends From Facebook


5. Scroll Up and Down

Google+ feed using the keys “j” and “k”. “j” refers to a scroll down while “k” refers to scroll up.

6. Delete or Edit your Posts

Unlike Facebook wherein you have an option only to remove your post, you can edit or delete your posts on Google+.


7. +1 Personalization

This option is very similar to the like button on Facebook. You can choose, whether or not to display names next to the Google+ button. Instead of the text that says “Mukund, Harsh Agarwal and Other 20 +1’d this”, we can display “22people +1’d this” – similar to Facebook like button, using +1 personalization. 

8. Set Your Language

You may set the language just by hitting the pulley like icon at the top right corner and hit the link that says ‘Google+ Settings” and navigate  to Languages tab. Now, set the language to the one of your choice.

9. Set Your Notifications

Well, it is very important that you set proper notifications on the Settings page. If not, your inbox will be full. Lol:) Uncheck the ones you don’t want to see in your inbox. By default, all boxes are checked. So, uncheck them as per your need.

10.Google+ Photo Editor

There’s a small photo editor hidden in Google Plus. Well, to access the same, just follow this path “Google+ Settings >> Account Overview >> Edit Profile >> Change Photo”. Once you upload a new photo, you’ll find an option in blue that says “Edit in Picnik.

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