Apple Watch is used again in the medical field but this time it is not the same

Since the Apple Watch has been transformed into a focus on “health monitoring” and “sports recording”, this small device that is worn on the hand is rejuvenated. Market research firm Strategy Analytics released in August this year, smart wearable device research data shows that Apple Watch sales in the second quarter of this year reached 5.7 million, more than 50% higher than the 3.8 million sales in the second quarter of 2018, its global market With a share of 46%, it accounts for almost half of the wearable device market.

In order to strengthen the health monitoring function of Apple Watch, Apple has added new functions such as ECG, fall detection, noise monitoring, etc. in recent updates. These health-oriented features have indeed brought good news to some users. There are different events in which different users benefit from wearing Apple Watch.

According to reports, in California, Apple Watch is being used to “simplify data entry for patient records.”

The project was promoted by healthcare provider Blue Shield in collaboration with health service providers Altais and Notable Health, and doctors participating in the program will wear Apple Watch when providing medical services, and when they provide a medical diagnosis to patients, they will be installed on Apple Watch. The specific program will decompose the doctor’s oral diagnosis into relevant data through machine learning and natural language processing technology and automatically fill in the patient’s EHR (Electronic Health File), thus eliminating the need for the doctor to manually enter the process. .

Jeff Bailet, president and CEO of Altais, a health services provider involved in the project, said: “Our goal is to help doctors seamlessly use technology to improve patient health while reducing management headaches and increasing customer satisfaction. degree.”

Currently, California’s Paradise Medical Group (PMG) will be the first to experience this project, and this project may be extended to more regions in the future.

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