Download 7th One UI 2.0 beta for the Galaxy S10 series

Samsung just started pushing out the 7th One UI 2.0 beta for the Galaxy S10 series. The update includes fixes for several bugs. The software version of this update is ZSKL and the size is around 200MB.

Bug Fixes (Translated):

-AOD not functioning normally
-Clock not displaying on the lock screen
-Terminal reset issue
-ONE UI home forced shutdown
-The application does not enter when clicking on the home screen
-To another folder File copying issue when moving files
-Contact not found in the issue Issue
-Hang issue while using Wi-Fi-
Text selection window  does not appear when using Smart Select from Samsung Internet
-BT headset noise issue
-Sticker not shown when adding a specific sticker
-Device Care battery usage graph incorrect output
-Digital wellbeing use time display error
-Not entered when clicking on the app on the home screen
-BT headset noise
-Intermittent Uplink data issue (LGU +)
-USER1 / USER2 icon on quick panel after logging into KT two phone Invisible Issues
-Miscellaneous Minor Errors

You can download this update manually by heading into the Settings > Software update > Download and install.



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