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Samsung new foldable phone to be called Galaxy Bloom

Galaxy Bloom

Samsung’s latest foldable smartphone is called Galaxy Bloom instead of the Galaxy Fold 2 as previously reported. There have been rumors that Samsung was developing its clamshell foldable smartphone code-named “Bloom”. Recently, Samsung revealed the name of its next-generation foldable smartphone at a closed-door meeting with CES partners.

DJ Koh, CEO of Samsung Mobile, spoke about the company’s upcoming product at this CES closed-door meeting. Samsung is expected to name its upcoming foldable smartphone Galaxy Bloom.

The report also provided a leaked image that looked like a presentation slideshow with an image of a foldable smartphone and the Bloom name.

The Samsung conference also confirmed that the Galaxy S11 will indeed be released under the name of the Galaxy S20. It is reported that Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Bloom both support 8K video recording. Samsung has reportedly been working with Google to stream 8K videos to YouTube.

Galaxy Bloom


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