How you can use the GCam 8.0 Mod on your devices, Check the instruction

GCam is a camera phone application developed by Google for Android devices. Google Camera (GCam) development began in 2011 by X, led by Marc Levoy, developing image fusion technology for Google Glass. GCam brings all features of the camera and sometimes your device not appear many themes but you can search for them in GCam. The GCam brings lots of features like Pixel Visual/Neural Core, HDR+, HDR+ enhanced, Live HDR+, Dual Exposure Controls, Motion Photos, Video Stabilization, Super Res Zoom, Smartburst, Top Shot and more.

Now, Google has rolled out the latest version of Google Camera which is GCam8.0 and it comes with upgraded features. The latest Mod of GCam 8.0 is mostly available for all Android devices but users make sure the devices support Android 10 because the GCam 8.0 will not work on Android 9 and below version. You can check some great features of GCam 8.0.


  • Automatic DND mode while using video-recording.
  • Quick-Toggle for Video resolution changes
  • New settings UI.
  • 24FPS video recording.
  • 4K@60fps Video recording
  • Exposure controls to adjust the brightness and HDR of your photo.
  • Received Frequent Faces to help you capture Top Shot photos.
  • Touch and Hold shortcut in the shutter button to capture Top Shot photos.
  • AI adjustments.


  • Download the APK provided (It’s a beta build [work-in-progress] so might carry some bugs)
  • Select and Install it ( You’ll be prompted with the request for allowing app installation from external sources, don’t worry the app is safe).
  • Open the Google Camera once the icon appears in your launcher
  • Done!

If your smartphone below the Android 10 version:

  • If you run an old version of Android, you can try and download Gcam 7.3, 7.2, 7.1, or any mod that is compatible with your version. There are some device-specific versions of GCam, you can refer to CelsoAzevedo’s repository for more.
  • Make sure your device has camera2.API enabled. If you don’t know what is this, just type “camera 2 API checker, on Play Store. Download the respective app to make sure your device has support for it.”

For more details, support, and feedback, you can check the BSG official page at the GCam repository. The developer also provides a Telegram channel where you can follow the development. Take in mind that all credits for this MOD go to BSG.