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Samsung Galaxy S22 series getting April 2022 update

Samsung Galaxy S22 (1)

Samsung Galaxy S22 (1)

Samsung Galaxy S22 series users claimed that they have received a system update today. The main new feature is the addition of Baidu CarLife + Samsung version, which can connect the mobile phone and the car to facilitate the use of mobile phone functions on the large screen of the car, including: Navigate, listen to music, make phone calls, etc.

According to reports, the integration of Baidu CarLife + and Samsung OneUl at the system level has brought a new interface. The newly designed interface incorporates the Samsung OneUI style, and the interface layout is more reasonable and beautiful. It also supports voice navigation, voice playback of music, and voice calls. Wait.

Baidu CarLife + Samsung version currently supports the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, and more Samsung mobile phone models will be supported one after another . On mobile phones or systems that do not support Baidu CarLife + Samsung version, it will be presented in the form of Baidu CarLife + public version.

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