Apple Watch Pro rumored to bring some iPhone 13 design elements

Apple’s update to the Apple Watch 8 series is widely expected to include a new Apple Watch Pro model, and new rumors say it will have a flat-screen and an updated exterior design.

Numerous reports claim that new Apple Watch models will appear this fall, with the Apple Watch Pro joining the refreshed lineup of the Apple Watch Series 8. The new model, believed to be the Apple Watch Pro, is expected to be larger and sturdier than other models, and for more physically active users.

In a Macotakara article Saturday, a roundup of rumors said the new Pro model will be 7 percent larger than the largest regular Apple Watch model. A cited report mentions the use of a 1.99-inch display.

The evolution of the current rectangular shape into a “less rounded design” is also expected, which includes a flat display.

The China-sourced report mentions how the 2017 iPhone launch involved “the same thing” (design style), and the Apple Watch may employ a similar trick. The same source claims that a flat display is used in this model, complete with a metal casing, “just like the iPhone 13 Pro,” and that it will only be available in a 47mm size.

Previous reports of the so-called Apple Watch Pro include an all-new design, the use of titanium alloys for strength, and a major update to the exterior. However, other leaks in early August mentioned that the Apple Watch Series 8 lineup would not benefit from a major redesign.

Other rumors about the Pro model include a $900 price, temperature measurement, and an updated S8 chip, but compared to the Apple Watch Series 7, this chip is not much different, almost equivalent to a rebrand, and will not provide users with a noticeable Speed ‚Äč‚Äčadvantage.

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