Replace Galaxy Z Fold 4 OS and turn into Windows smartphone

On August 10, the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 folding screen was released, but if you don’t like the One UI 4.1.1/Android 12L operating system that comes pre-installed, you can really change it with the use of third-party software. The default Windows Phone user interface then appears. The concept is gratefully presented by Mark Spurell in the most recent YouTube video.

You’ll need to first visit the Google Play Store and download and install two different third-party Android launchers before you can proceed. One of them, Square Home, offers a tiled theme in the Microsoft Metro style to take the place of the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Additionally, Win-X Launcher may transform the inner screen’s foldable tablet style into a more contemporary Windows 10 desktop appearance.

The two launchers must function together, despite the fact that it may seem straightforward. Spurrell downloaded the Bixby Routines software and configured it to launch the Win-X launcher whenever the 7.6-inch internal screen was accessed in order to do this.

Of course, in order to use this method, you must first spend $1,800 on a Galaxy Z Fold4. Finally, Android Central made a suggestion that Microsoft’s next Surface Duo would have more of a Windows Phone-era vibe to it.

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