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Best New Features in Android 9.0 Pie

Android 9.0 Pie

Best New Features in Android 9.0 Pie: The newest version of Android is Android Pie. with the latest version of Android, there are a lot of new features you will enjoy to use. Because of some technical reasons this version of Android will roll out slowly with compare to, other versions. Whether you are using this version of Android or not, you should know the features of the new android pie.

New Gesture Navigation
Gestures are making their way of making the way in the market. Android pie is packed with new gestures. You can use the new gestures on the place of home, back and recent button. The device that is coming in the market, will become with gestures enabled, but if you don’t have this features enabled, you can enable this by going to Settings > System > Gestures > Swipe up on Home button.

Adaptive Battery and Brightness
The main problem in android smartphones is the battery. So the new adaptive battery feature will put the apps you are not using in deep sleep. So it is gonna to save a lot of juice on your smartphone. This will also be enabled by default but if you want to enable the feature manually you can do this by setting up the toggle at Settings > Battery > Adaptive Battery.

App Actions
AI is making its way to a smartphone, so in the latest smartphone, you will see the most used apps on the top of your menu. So the phone will automatically predict which app you want to use. So it will make a lot easier for you to use the Smartphone.

Slicing means that it will launch some certain action on any app from some outer service like google assistant. So you can directly launch the app action form the home screen.

Digital Wellbeing
now people are using the phone more then they should. So finally android pie is making some efforts to control it. There will be a dashboard which will show how many notifications you received in the day and how much time did you spent on a certain app. So it may be a good way to control how much time you spend on some app.

New Accessibility Menu
Android has a lot of accessibility option already in it. But there is always room for improvement. So the Android pie is packed with many new menus, to access this new accessibility you can head to Settings > Accessibility > Accessibility Menu. now here you have to turn on user service by using the slider and confirming the prompt.

New Screenshot Shortcut
Using power button and volume down key is the old way to taking screenshot, now you can take screenshot by just using power menu.

Easier Screen Rotation
Not every app have the same preference, in some apps, we want to use landscape mode and in some app, we don’t want it, but switching between these from was a hectic task till now, but in the new android pie you can do this with a lot of ease. So now if you have Auto-Rotate turned off, and you will rotate the device there will be a new button on the screen by using it you can easily switch to landscape mode and back.

Volume and Sound Improvements
Now in the new android pie, when you press the volume button you will see the volume slider. Now this will change the media volume instead of ring volume, and also you can tap on the icon above to set how your phone will respond on a call. Vibrate, ring or silent.

Selectable Dark Mode
The android pie also supports dark mode, the phone can also decide about it based on your wallpaper. you can also tweak between this by heading to Settings > System > Display > Advanced > Device theme.


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