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10 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features

Date: 10 January 2019

Here are things you can do with the S Pen on Galaxy Note 9.

1. S Pen Remote
As we’ve mentioned above, the Galaxy Note nine contains a Bluetooth enabled S Pen. With Bluetooth, the S Pen is used as a remote. you can use the S Pen button to Play/Pause music or videos, to change a presentation slide, or as a remote shutter to click pictures.

2. Bixby Vision
The Bixby Vision option is accessed from Air command. this feature primarily doubles up as a handy OCR tool. you can use it to extract text from a picture, scan QR codes on your phone’s screen, or look for similar pictures to whatever object is on your home screen (still add progress).

It may well be an image you come across on the net, a picture in your gallery or just a sign you just clicked to grasp more about the world around you. this is often how you summon the powers of Bixby (which will get better with time) using your S Pen.

3. Voice read Text

You can also use the translate tool in the Air command and your S Pen to scan out text on your phone’s display. simply select translate, select complete language translate option and then tap the volume icon.

4. To scan hidden notifications and Messages
You just have hover your S Pen over the message list or notification list to read the complete notification from the pop-up windows.

5. Glance
Glance is for when you need to keep checking an app or a page. for instance, you may be working in another app, however, would really like to stay tabs on live updates of an ongoing cricket match, or when you are on a payment page, however, need to stay a watch on the message app for the incoming OTP.

With look, you’ll be able to minimize any app to a thumbnail on the proper corner. you’ll be able to then hover your S-Pen over it to expand it or drag the mini window to the delete icon to get rid of the glance screen altogether.

6. Smart select
This is another tool that exemplifies the power of Samsung’s S Pen stylus. you’ll be able to use it to smartly or handily grab a portion of the screen or maybe a video enjoying on your phone (as GIF), to put in writing on no matter you have captured (screen grab or GIF) and to share it with friends through different apps.

If you come across an interesting video and want to share bits of it, this is often a quite convenient means of doing so.

7. Take Notes – With show fast and unlocked
Another obvious use of the S Pen is to take notes. Samsung’s Note App works very well. you can pull out the pen, take notes, so place it back in. The note will be minimized to a shortcut icon on top. you’ll be able to later pull out the pen again and start off wherever you left.

You can additionally scribble on apps like One Note with your S Pen, or maybe pull out the S Pen once your phone is locked and jot down notes on the off-screen itself. you can also pin these notes on the always on display.

8. Translate and check pronunciations
By selecting the translate option in the Air Command, you can translate specific words or the entire sentence just by hovering your pen over a word.

If you don’t translate that often, you’ll be able to simply hover your pen over a particular word and prompt a Google pronunciation.

9. Magnify
You can also use your pen as a magnifying glass. you just have hover you pen over anything on your screen and magnify objects under it up to 300 %.

This can come particularly handy for designers and different professionals who ought to closely look through patterns and different details. or simply if you want to magnify and have a better explore things that aren’t properly highlighted.

10. Screen Write or Screenshots done right
Most often when you take a screenshot, it’s to highlight and share a bit of information on your screen. this is often one thing you can do seamlessly with your S Pen.

Just tap on screen write option in the air command to require a screen capture and to draw on it in any that way.

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