7 best Vivo V15 Pro and V15 Tips and Tricks

7 best Vivo V15 and Vivo V15 Pro Tips and Tricks:

1 Switch to Navigation Gestures

By default, the Vivo V15 and V15 Pro come with a navigation bar. However, if you want to take full advantage of the phone’s full-screen display to display more content, you can switch to navigation gestures. Vivo’s gesture implementation is different from that of Google and Apple. It essentially replaces the navigation buttons with swipe-up navigation gestures.

Enable navigation gestures on the Vivo V15 and V15 Pro by going to Settings -> System navigation and selecting navigation gestures.

2 Shake to Flashlight

Want to quickly enable the flashlight on the Vivo V15/Pro? Simply shake the phone when you are on the lock screen and the flashlight will toggle itself on. You can then turn it off by pressing the power button when the display is not lit. Make sure to enable the Shake to Flashlight feature from Settings -> Smart Motion and enabling the Shake to turn on the flashlight option.

3 Raise to Wake and Double Tap to Wake/Lock

Want the Vivo V15’s display to automatically turn on when you pick the phone up from a table? Or want to turn it on by double tapping it? Head over to Settings -> Smart Motion -> Smart turn on/off screen and enable all the three options you see. You will also be able to lock the device by simply double tapping an empty area on the home screen.

4 Lock screen Gestures

Want to play music or quickly launch an app on your Vivo V15/Pro? With lock screen gestures, you can do so right from the lock screen. First, make sure to enable the gestures you want to use under Smart wake from Settings -> Smart Motion. You cannot set custom lock screen gestures but the ones offered by Vivo should still be good enough for most users. Some of the useful lock screen gestures include drawing ‘m’ to play music, ‘w’ for WhatsApp, ‘f’ for Facebook, and more.

5 Screenshot Gesture

Quickly take a screenshot on the Vivo V15/Pro by simply swiping up on the display. This gesture works inside apps and anywhere in the OS as well. If the gesture is not working for you, make sure it is enabled under Settings -> S-capture. 

6 Change Camera pop-up sound

The pop-up selfie camera on the Vivo V15/Pro is definitely unique. Vivo has also executed the feature nicely by including a pop-up sound which happens every time the front camera pops-up. You can customize this pop-up sound to your liking. By default, its a sci-fi sound but you can find more options under Settings -> Sound and vibration -> Camera pop-up sound. 

7 Always On Display

You can enable Always On Display by going to Settings -> Lock screen, home screen, and wallpaper -> Always On Display. If you wish to, you can specify a schedule when the Always On Display on your Vivo V15 Pro will be active.

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