A Banner For Samsung S10 Launched Event Has Been Leaked

We have been hearing many rumours about the next flagship from Samsung, now there is the latest leak about the banner photo of the smartphone, the photo found on a tweet by @eveleaks, who posted a banner photo with a render of the flagship smartphone.

Most probably the image is the actual banner that we may see at the event. You could have noticed the shiny part of the matte material, which was pointing to the top of the image.

We would like to remind you that the event is going to take place in San Francisco on 20th February. And Samsung is gonna to make an announcement for the Galaxy S10. Samsung has also made an announcement that the company will make an announcement for the upcoming foldable smartphone.

Samsung will be launching three variants of the S10, S10e, S10 and S10+. Coming to the specification the S10e will have a 5.8-Inch display, while the S10 and S10+ will feature 6.4-inch and a 6.4-inch display. The  10e will feature dual cameras at the rear with a fingerprint sensor located at the side. While the S10 and S10+ will have an in-display fingerprint sensor and three main cameras, coming to the front cameras, the S10 will have a single front camera while the S10+ will feature dual camera at the front.