Alphabet launches commercial drone delivery service in Australia

According to the US financial website CNBC, Wing, the subsidiary of Google's parent company, Alpha's drone distribution service, launched a commercial drone delivery service in Canberra, Australia. Wing said in a blog today that the service will allow users to order items such as fresh food, coffee and over-the-counter drugs through mobile apps (APPs). Once the order is placed, the drone can complete the delivery in "a few minutes."

Wing said that they have been testing drone delivery services in Australia since 2014. In the past 18 months, Wing has shipped more than 3,000 items to Australian families.

The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) said in a statement today that Wing "has satisfied us and their operations have reached an acceptable level of safety."

CASA also said: "After evaluating the safety, we have allowed Wing to provide this service over northern Canberra."

According to CASA, the system used by Wing is automated, although a “licensed pilot is always at the remote helm.”