Apple's new iPhones will be introduced with in-display fingerprint sensor

A media report has revealed that Apple has news about the new iPhones in-display fingerprint sensor being given. If this news is correct, then the company will be able to compete with many of its competitors in this case. Earlier, news about the color variants of the new iPhone lineup was also revealed.

iPhones XR 2018 was launched in many colors such as Black, White, Blue, Coral and Yellow. Continuing this tradition, the company is now preparing to present its upcoming smartphone with two new colors. The next generation of the iPhone XR is likely to be launched in Lavender and Green Color variants. Information about this has come out through a tweet. 

However, besides the iPhone XR 2018, the iPhone 5C has also been introduced in many colors. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has posted a photo on his Twitter which has revealed that the new iPhone will be offered with two new colors. This image contains glass shards which are showing colors. It includes New Purple, Green, Black, White and Yellow Colors. The new iPhone XR is likely to be presented with these colors.