AT&T fake 5G icon is now Apearing on iPhones Too

Marketing does matters, And coming to marketing, rebranding the technology isn't something new the market. So it's not a bad idea to represent 4G+ network to 5G e. Everyone wants to build a 5G smartphone first, and it looks like AT&T wants to ride the 5G a little faster so they are showing their 4G+ network to 5G e Obviously that is not 5G.

On the rule that marketing matter the most, the company has started rolling out some software updated that connectivity icons are saying 5G E instead of 4G, as users will believe it. It was ok till android, now they are ready for iPhone's too, in the latest iOS 12.2 beta, the new icon has appeared.

It's funnier to see this icon on iPhones, as Apple's smartphone is not expected to have 5G support before 2020,  yet there are some Android smartphone coming out this year with 5G support. So this may be just to make iPhone users make feel better, so when they have a friend who has a 5G support Android smartphone, he can say they his iPhone also supports for 5G.  At the end the conclusion is showing something bigger is always better so if you can call it 5G then there is no reason to call it 4G.

In the tech era, now you are upgrading to 5G just with a software update, so downloading more rame from plas store shouldn't be a joke.