Concept ad pictures iPhone XI to have some semblance to the SE design and regular triple camera

Gunho Lee has come up with another of his amazing concept ads featuring the upcoming iPhone XI with the squared off design of the iPhone 4.

We know many missed that design, seeing as it worked well with the comparatively small iPhones. But it probably won't have the same effect with the larger, 6.5 inch device. One thing we agree with is Lee’s idea of bringing back the Product (RED) color as standard rather than just a special edition.

The concept also shows a simple triple camera setup, which honestly looks better than these renders with the Huawei-style arrangement. The latter is the design favored by Apple as it was initially based on engineering prototypes.

In addition to that, the new generation Touch ID with an in-display fingerprint reader sounds rather intriguing, but we wouldn’t be so sure about that since Apple is all-in on face scanning these days.