Gmail Common Errors and Their Solutions

Common Gmail issues and how to fix them: Gmail is one in all those services that you just don’t really consider till it’s gone. Is for you today? once it hits the fan, you need to get it fixed, however how? luckily, we’re here to assist, as we tend to break down the 5 most common Gmail problems and the way to fix them.

Is Gmail not working for you? 1st of all, click this link, then bookmark it, then tattoo it onto your left bicep, simply just in case. this can be the link to Google’s app status Dashboard. If there’s ever an outage, suspected outage, or credible report of an outage of any Google service — thus anytime Gmail’s not operating — this website can allow you to know. On the page, you’ll see a list of all the apps in Google Suite, and a listing of dates leading up to the current date. Orange dots indicate there’s or was hassle. you’ll be able to return about 2 months if need be. Otherwise, if you’re having hassle with any Google app, this could be your 1st stop — once this article, that is.

Nuclear option

This is a bit tongue in cheek, but typically once you’re having hassle along with your Google account, removing the account from your mobile device and setting it back up again can resolve a lot of issues. the wonder of a Google account is that everything is stored in Google’s servers — your mail, your documents, your movies and videos, etc. All of these can return, once you reset up your account. it’s a nuclear choice of types, however it’s also the simplest way to wipe everything and bring it all back. It’s nuclear, but simple.

To do so, go into your settings area -> Accounts -> Google -> (tap the account you would like to remove) -> tap the ellipsis within the upper right corner -> remove account.

Forgot password

One of the foremost common reasons someone loses access to their Gmail account is as a result of they have forgotten their password. Not everybody will use the passphrase “MargaretThatcheris100%sexy,” thus we tend to get the picture. luckily, Google has a range of tools you’ll be able to use to recover that password. truthful warning — it’s not a lot of fun. have you ever noticed that any time you forget your word on another service, like Netflix, the recovery option is nearly always to have it emailed to you? Well, that won’t work if you’re {trying|making an attempt|attempting} to log into an email account.

First, it’s important that you just created alternative contact methods hooked up to your Google account. Log in to your Gmail account, click your profile pic within the upper right corner -> My account. below Sign-in & Security, click “Signing in to Google.” Next, scroll about halfway down the page to “Account recovery choices.” make sure all 3 choices — Recovery Email, Recovery Phone, and Security Question — are all stuffed out. These are the recovery strategies you’ll be able to use to get access to your account back.

If you don’t have that filled out, and you’ve already lost access to your account, then you’ll be able to click “Try another way” a number of times till you get to a point wherever you’re asked questions about your account. Answer the queries as best you’ll be able to and you may be given access to your account yet again.

2-step verification problems
Gmail not working

2-step verification is one in all the best strategies you can use to secure your account. Briefly, 2-step verification adds a second layer to your security by requiring a second acknowledgment of a login try. as an example, if you log into your Gmail account, you’ll receive a text message with a code you must enter so as to proceed. however, things don’t always go smoothly. Sometimes, the code doesn’t get there. What then?

First, you need to make certain you’re in an area with good signal. Google sends 2-step authentication codes via SMS, thus if you’re in an area with strong Wi-Fi however not good cell signal — I’m gazing you, downtown Chicago — that could be a part of the problem.

Gmail not working

If so, you’ll be able to use the Google Authenticator app. simply download the app on your phone. Once put in, you’ll be asked the way to verify the account. the easiest is with a QR code. On your pc, attend the 2-step authentication page, and scroll down to authenticator App. Click thereon and follow the steps to scan the QR code. Once scanned, you’ll get a code within the app. Enter that code into the “Verify” box on your pc, and it’ll link the phone to your account. From then on, you’ll use the critic app to log in, instead of SMS codes.

If that won’t work, you’ll be able to also opt to receive a call on your backup phone. Of course, this can still not work if you’re in an area with a foul signal. However, you’ll be able to select for this to be a landline. The draw back to that alternative is that you just have to be at the place wherever the land line is, however it’s an option.

Finally, if all else fails, you’ll be able to also use backup codes. Backup codes are usually used for occasions once you lose your phone, or cannot receive authentication codes by any other means.

These need to be generated prior to. Backup codes are sets of codes you’ll be able to use to log into your account in place of your 2-step verification. Backup codes come in sets of ten. These are one-time use codes — they become inactive as soon as you employ them. If you generate a set of codes, all unused codes from your last batch are deactivated. Spoiler alert: I generated a replacement set of codes once taking that screenshot.

To generate a set of codes, visit the the 2-step verification page and scroll right down to the backup codes area. Click on “Get new codes.” this can generate a document for you to download, which is able to be called “Backup-codes-.txt.

If you would like to use the backup code to sign on, attend the Gmail sign-in page and enter your username/password. once asked for the 2-step authentications, click “More options” then click “Enter one in all your 8-digit backup codes.” Enter your code, and you’re good to go!

Sync problems

Gmail will fail to adjust for loads of different reasons, and a failure to adjust will come about during a range of ways. you’ll not have all of your messages, you’ll be failing to send email, you’ll receive associate degree “account not synced” error message, or the app itself may just be slow. In any of those cases, you’ll be able to try many steps to get things back up and running.

Update the Gmail app. typically an older, obsolete version of the app will have hassle getting mail from Google. making sure you have got the latest and greatest version of the Gmail app can resolve loads of sync problems.
Restart your device. have you tried turning it off and on again? affirmative, it’s a cliché, however it works a surprising range of times.
Verify your connectivity. Yes, it’s a stupid question, however we’ve got to raise. you’ll be able to avoid loads of unnecessary troubleshooting if you make certain you have got a decent signal, aren’t in plane mode, etc.

Check your Gmail settings. {should you|do you have to be compelled to|must you} have to check that adjust is on? No. But you do. Accidental taps happen, and if Gmail adjust gets turned off, nothing gets synced. Open the Gmail app, and tap the menu button within the upper left corner -> Settings. faucet on your account and make sure you’ve checked “Sync Gmail.”
Clear your Gmail app data. Open your device’s Settings app -> Apps & Notifications -> App data -> Gmail -> Storage -> Clear data -> Ok. Once you’re through with that, restart your device and see if that did the trick. Most of the time that will work.

Missing messages

If your Gmail is missing emails that you just grasp are in there, the most seemingly cause is that you just accidentally deleted or archived them. you can check this simply enough by clicking on the Trash folder in Gmail. most often you’ll be able to find the trash folder by clicking “More” within the folders space, then clicking “Trash.” If the email is in there, it should be archived. within the space wherever you clicked “More,” look for “All Mail.” which will show you all mail, whether archived or not.

You can conjointly explore for mail by typing with in the search box. within the “All Mail” folder, explore for an archived email, however keep in mind that it won’t search the Trash folder. Most of the time, your email are going to be in the trash or archived — I’m no unknown to that myself. If you discover the e-mail in either place, click on it to open it, then click the folder icon at the highest, then choose “Inbox.” which will restore the e-mail to your inbox and you’ll be ready to see it usually.