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Gmail tips every emailer should know


5 Gmail tips every emailer should know:

Mute annoyingly noisy email threads: You can then unmute the conversation if you so choose by opening the conversation and clicking the Move to Inbox button at the top of the page.

Send and archive for the win: To set it up, click the gear icon in the top-right and go to Settings > General > Send & Archive, select Show “Send & Archive” button in reply and then scroll down and hit the Save Changes button. Now, you’ll see a blue Send-and-archive chive button next to the regular Send button at the bottom of replies and forwards.

Set undo send to 30 seconds: Go to Settings > General > Undo, select the maximum time limit of 30 seconds and then scroll down and hit the Save Changes button.

Hiding in plain sight: Advanced search: Click the little down-arrow button on the right of the search bar to open Gmail’s advanced search panel where you can search for date ranges and attachment sizes, by subject line and with other filters.

Choose your tabs: Go to Settings > Inbox > Categories and you can choose which tabs you want at the top. Or if you simply ignore all tabs other than your Primary inbox, then you can uncheck all but Primary for a streamlined, tab-less Gmail experience.

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