Google Duplex is Now Rolling Out In US

In 2018, at Google I/O, Google made an announcement about a new feature, which can call a barber to fix your appointment, by placing a voice call. The Google duplex will talk to a human on another end of the call like another human being and will ask for time slots and will book an appointment. 

The Duplex is also able to ask for basic question aver that call, like if the business is open today, and much more.  On launching this service the tech world was fully amazed at the Google assistant was talking to a person like a human being, but it also freaked out some people. So after listening to the feedbacks, Google took it seriously and promised that the person on the other end will be notified that she/he is talking to a robot, and not a human, also the call recording will be stored.

Now after waiting for a long time, The feature is now rolling out to pixel devices in 43 United States. With some legal issue regarding call records, the company couldn't launch this feature in some states. Google has also offered this statement about the issue. 

As we continue to bring Duplex technology to more users across the country, we want to ensure that we carefully respect local/state laws. We’re actively working to reach full coverage, but don’t have a timeline to share at this time.