Google finally brings AMP-powered dynamic emails to Gmail

According to Google, these Dynamic Emails will give the user more web-based interactive encounter such that the user can fill out forms, browse image carousels, RSVP to an event, reply to Google Docs comments or even browse catalogs, without leaving their inbox and following any external link to a separate website.

According to Google, its other products like Google Docs will also automatically gel with the new AMP feature and can be embedded in the messages directly. Hence, the user will not be receiving new emails every single time they are mentioned in a document, rather the thread will get refreshed every time and the user will be able to reply to the mentions from within the inbox.

At present, support for AMP is rolling to Gmail users on the Web, though mobile users would also get a similar experience in the coming future. G Suite customers will be able to enable dynamic email for their organizations directly from the Admin console in the next few days.