Google introduces a series of new security tools for G Suite users

Today Google released a beta version of advanced phishing and malware protection designed to help administrators protect users from malicious attachments and email spoofing.

One of the most interesting features is the new security sandbox, another beta feature for G Suite enterprise users. In addition to scanning for attachments for known viruses and malware, the sandbox can add an additional layer of protection. Attachment scanning does not completely protect you from zero-day ransomware or complex malware. Therefore, the attachment is executed in a sandbox environment to check for any security issues.

Also in today's update, Google has introduced a new beta version of Security and Alert Center for administrators. The purpose of these tools is to create a unified service with best practice recommendations, integrate notification centers and related tools, and classify and take action on threats, all of which focus on collaboration between administrators. There is also a new security investigation tool that focuses on allowing administrators to create automated workflows to send notifications or assign ownership to security investigations.