Google Is All Set To Launch The New Gaming Device

Recently Google has made an announcement that the tech giant will be delivering a Keynote on March 2019 at Game Developers Conference 2019 at San Fransico. We already have the news that the company is launching new gaming hardware at the event. Now the newer reports suggest that Google will be launching the final version of "Project Yeti". This is said to be a game streaming service that will be powered by  Google's Project Stream technology.

Along with confirming the launch, some reports say that the hardware, that was similar to the  Chromcast dongle, but now with updated designs, it looks like a gaming console.

Till now Project stream was in testing phase with  Assassin's Creed Odyssey playable on any computer with chrome browser, to use this feature you must need to have 25Mbps of internet speed. This service wall only limited to users from the US in the testing period. but now in the testing p[hase is done and now maybe google is all set to build products on this.