Google launched a new gaming platform "Stadia"

At Google's gaming i/O, the company launched a new product, Stadia, the word studio itself is a plural form for stadium. On the new platform, the game developers can design their games to run on the cloud or for simplicity Google's data centres. So from the cloud, the games can be streamed on the controller and the display.

This new platform will allow the game to the displays and controller which have access to the platform, you can stream them on TV, Laptops, Desktops, Smartphones etc. The goal of the platform is to deliver 4k resolution at 60fps. Getting this goal can be harder as the games are being streamed.

The company has said that, the users who want to play high-end games but due to unavailability of proper hardware. this would be a better option. The game will be using resources from the data centres processing power and the player will be able to play games. This will allow the game developer creating amazing games without worrying about the processing power limitations.

Google will also launch the controller soon, the controller will be named Stadia controller. the controller is packed with new features like a Google Assistant shortcut,  a built-in microphone and a dedicated screenshot button. The controller features two joysticks, a full-size directional pad, four action buttons,  and two shoulder buttons on either side.