Google launches its AI platform, Check whats new

Google introduced its AI tools on the second day of the annual Cloud Next Conference. Well, the company has made many more announcements, but all of them have more focus on AI and machine learning. They have been made available with pre-built models and easy-to-use services. Developers can prepare their own custom models using these tools. The beta of the company's AI platform has been launched.

The main reason behind launching the AI ​​platform is that they have to provide an end-to-end service for developers, data scientist to build, test and disseminate their models. For this, this service brings together existing and new products that allow you to create complete data pipelines, label it (using the new built-in labeling service) or using existing classification.

One of these new features is the AutoML Tables that takes the existing tabular data that can fit Google's BigQuery database or storage service right. This automatically creates a model that will be able to predict the value of a given column. At the same time, Google launched a beta version of AutoML Vision for detecting objects in a photo. At the same time, a Beta version of AutoML Vision Edge is introduced for apps that run on Edge.

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