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Google Released Chrome OS 72, Here Are The New Features

Date: 10 February 2019

Google is rolling out the next version of chrome os, the Chrome OS version 72, after testing it in beta, the os is ready to boom in the market. There are some new features integrated as its the new os, it as a native Google assistant integration, picture-in-picture video playback, changes to the Cast UI and security improvements, and if feels like android pie.

The google assistant will be available in building for all Chromebooks from now, it has taken place at the center stage instead of sitting in the corner. It also supports "Hey Google " So now it can also help you organize better.

The Cast Interface has improved a lot and the cast icon is placed on the top right corner, instead of being blue shaded, it's grey and white now so it gives a more classic feel. After being introduced on chrome browser, the Picture-in-Picture mode is available in Chrome OS too.

Under the hood, Google has added a new feature for the security of your data, that doesn't allow anyone to steal your data just by inserting a pen drive. the feature is named USBGuard which also locks USB Ports on your Chromebook when the Chromebook is locked and will unlock it when you unlock the Chromebook again, it won't be affecting the USB drove you plugged in while the Chromebook was unlocked but the new device can be inserted. The New Os is out of beta testing so we can soon expect it to be rolled out for public use.

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