Google Started Rolling Out Translator Feature For Google Home

At CES 2019, Google showed a new interpreter mode on Google Home, which allows two users from different language background talk with each other while the google home display working as a translator.  The feature is not that accurate till now but Google has started rolling out the feature in its devices.

Google has also started a new support page for the device which helps you to initiate the translating mode.  The user can initiate it by asking the device “help me speak Spanish”, “Interpret Spanish to English”, “Spanish interpreter”, or “Be my French interpreter”. Saying this will start the mode on the device, I should tell you that for now, it is supporting translate between 26 different languages.

According to what Google has described on its support page, the feature will be accessible with all Google home speakers and All smart Displays. The user who has smart displays will also have visual feedback to the transcript of the conversation.

At first, Google announced this kind of feature when the company made an announcement for Pixel Buds, Coming to the reality when the feature was launched it wants that good, so Google is constantly improving the feature and bringing it to more and more devices.