Here are the new features you might see in the next google app update

According to 9to5goolge, who tore down the latest version of Google Home app,  there are some new interesting features we might see in the upcoming versions.

For now, the Google app allows you to control some home appliance like you can turn off and on the lights of your home, you can change the brightness. as wells, you can do the same things with Google smart display. but there is something new you can do with the smart display, that is changing the colour of lights.

The reverse engineering on the app, have shown that now you will be able to change the colour of light with the android app itself. so, for now, we have to take help od the manufacturers app, to change the colour of lights, but now you will be able to do it with the app itself.

There are two more updates you can see in the upcoming versions of the app, like invite home member, so others can also control the lights, speakers and universal media controls, of your home. this will be much use for those who play music on multiple devices on your home, and so you can pause all of them with just a single command.