How to change Always on display Galaxy S10 plus

How to change Always on display Galaxy S10 plus One UI 1.1 

Step 1: Swipe down notification panel from top of the screen and tap Settings gear icon

Step 2: Tap Lock screen

Step 3: Tap Always on display

Display mode

By default set tap to show option in your device. Select when to show the Always on display S10 plus device. Change galaxy S10 plus Always on display settings from Tap to show / Show always / show as scheduled.

Tap to show: You can see notification on the AOD screen for 30 seconds.

Show always: It will continuously show notification on always on display screen Samsung S10 plus.

Show as scheduled: Set schedule time to automatically turn on always on display mode galaxy S10 plus.

Always on display Alerts

Show alert from selected apps about upcoming events on the always on display. This Samsung S10 plus alerts are showing in portrait mode only. Turn on toggle reminder to show AOD alerts in your device.

Auto brightness

When auto brightness is off, you can adjust the brightness manually by double tapping the clock on the always on display in galaxy S10 plus.