How to enable Favicons on Safari 12

How to enable Favicons on Safari 12: With Apple launching amazing things every other week, it has also launched the newest version of it’s safari web browser, so as like every update it will bring more updates and security features in safari browser. Today here we are going to talk about one of those features.

As apple is more caring about users privacy than anything else to Safari blocks any website that collects use data without user’s permission. It helps you to creating stronger password, block some irrelevant pop-ups and the list goes on.

We will talk about all this features today here we are going to discuss about one of the most welcoming feature that is not related to security in any favicons are on safari browsers for the first time. But Wait what really favicons are. So this are little icons which allow you to see which website is opened just with a short look. Its get very hard when you have a lot of tabs open and you just can’t figure out which tab is associated to which website so in this case favicons come to rescue you.

So as always we are not going to take much of your valuable time so let’s just dive into how you can use this feature.

How to enable favicons on tabs in macOS

To use this feature you must be running your device either on macOS Sierra os High Sierra and make sure that you have downloaded and install Safari 12 update.

So once you are assured that your os and safari browser on up-to-date, you are just few clicks away from having favicons on your device.

Do do so just head to Safari  and then Preferences.

Go to the Tabs section, and then check the box next to “Show website icons in tabs.”

And that’s it, now you can close the setting menu, and now you should be able to see favicons on individual tabs. And if you can’t see them you can always try the best thing that’s restarting the browser.

How to enable favicons on tabs in iOS

Why should only mac users have all the fun.Also, both iPhones and iPads running iOS 12 can use this favicon feature as well.

To enable favicons, YOu just have to open the setting on your device and so tap on the safari tab, nou you will find an option named show icon on tabs. Just check that option and you are good to go.

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