How to Measure Distance in iOS 12

How to Measure Distance in iOS 12: Tape measures and nail cutters are two things you can’t find you need it. Fortunately, in iOS 12 you have feature. No it wont cut your nails it may help you with taking measurements. With iOS 12 apple is making it a lot simpler to take measurements.

The Apple’s native measuring app named Measure is updated and can give you more accurate results.

Here’s how to use Apple’s new Measure app.

So First launch the Measure app, and you will be asked to slowly move your phone to around you so that it can make better guess about your surroundings.

Make sure that you are not too far away from the object you want to measure distance of. It can’t measure objects far than around 8 to 10 feet. So it may throw prompt saying “find a nearby surface to measure”

So once you are close enough you can see a small dot in the center of your screen. Now just tap in the button with icon +, and then slowly move your phone till the line stretches and then as you are done press the + button again.

Now the measurement will only show the center of the line. So you can tap on plus button on some existing point so you can add another line.

So as you have taken the measurement, the button next to plus button will highlighted. It will help you to take screenshot. Of your measurements

And with this app you can also take a measurement of a rectangle. Do do so just keep the phone near to the object and tap on the +, the app will automatically scan it and will show you the measurements.


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