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How to spot a fake phone


How to spot a fake phone: Spend enough time on the internet and you’re bound to come across a horror story or 2 of some unfortunate soul duped into spending many bucks on a counterfeit or fake phone. It should seem like a brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 from the outside, however it’s not even shut on the within, with a cheap camera, outdated processor, and other cheaper parts rather than the real thing.

Counterfeiting Samsung’s high-end merchandise is business in China. According to AnTuTu’s 2017 knock-off smartphone report, Samsung smartphones accounted for over 36 percent of the counterfeit market last year, significantly outpacing the iPhone’s 7.7 percent and Huawei’s meager 3.4 percent. the european Galaxy S7 Edge was far and away the most faked phone on the list. The company’s 2017 report found 2.64 p.c of the 17,424,726 verified phones that ran its benchmarks were knock-offs. That’s 460,000 confirmed fakes out there simply based on this single sample. Given there are over a billion smartphones on the market, that extrapolates to many millions of knockoffs.

Buying a new phone from a good distributer is your safest bet, however that’s not always possible. The growing market for second user, refurbished, and cheaper import phones may be a hotbed of potential shady product and knock-offs. If you want to avoid wasting your money on a fake phone, here’s our straightforward guide to help confirm your new phone is authentic.

Symptoms to watch for: Shoddy exterior
The most obvious place to notice a faux phone is that the exterior design; buttons in the wrong place, bezels that don’t look quite right, or a camera housing that isn’t flush when it ought to be. sadly, well-executed dodgy devices aren’t really easy to notice from the outside, they solely become obvious once you start using them.

If you’re coping with a private seller, the first port of call is to form sure the device actually turns on. even though you’re not there in person, the seller ought to be able to give images with the screen on, and possibly even send you a brief video or GIF of them flicking through the UI. never be afraid to ask for a closer look at the screen, even though it’s just for cracks and scratches.

Knockoff software is usually a dead give away, significantly if the UI or app icons don’t match the official device theme. you can get to grasp a new device simply by watching some YouTube videos of reviews. Keep an eye fixed out for strange looking launchers and icons, missing options or menus, or non-standard pre-installed apps.

Image of real and fake Samsung Galaxy S9s side by side,
To the untrained eye, it’s difficult to spot this fake Galaxy S9 at a casual look. It’s the one on the proper by the approach.

Performance is equally important here, and it’s the main purpose that victims notice once purchase. Counterfeit handsets usually include cheaper processors, that stutter and lag their way through daily use. Some apps and toggles probably won’t even run because the software is only skin deep, so make sure to own a good dig through the OS and a couple of apps to make sure everything works properly. If you can’t do so in person, you’ll be able to always kindle video proof. this is often generally smart advice for buying used or refurbished phones anyway — it’s useful for detecting if aging handsets have any battery or processor problems.

As always, make sure to follow general shopping for rules for used products too. Don’t agree to pay outside of official platforms where you won’t be protected, meet in mutually agreeable locations, and avoid requests to bring money on a first meet. pushy unofficial sellers who won’t answer detailed questions are, as always, a serious warning sign too.

If a deal sounds too smart to be true, it probably is.

Testing the phone out
While it’s not always possible, we extremely advise checking out second hand and refurbished phones nose to nose before handing over massive sums of cash. this fashion you can not solely check the shape of the handset however also run a couple of simple tests to make sure it’s not a fake phone on the within either.

So here are some ways to check if phone is real or not. So be careful while buying your next new phone.

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