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How to take photo with voice commands on Galaxy S10

Date: 23 April 2019

How to take photo with voice commands on Galaxy S10 Plus, S10 and S10e One UI

Step 1: Swipe up from bottom of the home screen to access app drawer in your Samsung galaxy S10, S10 plus & S10e

Step 2: Tap Camera app

Step 3: Tap Settings gear icon at upper left corner of the screen

Step 4: Scroll down up to shooting methods

This Samsung galaxy S10 shooting method includes press volume key to, voice control, floating shutter button and show palm options.

Step 5: Turn on voice control toggle

Now you can take pictures or record videos on galaxy S10 plus using voice control feature.

Step 6: Open camera and say Smile, Cheese, Capture, Shoot to take photo by a voice command on Samsung galaxy S10 and S10 plus

Step 7: To record video using voice command, open camera app and saying “Record video”

It’s quite easy to take photos vie voice command on galaxy S10 plus, S10 and S10e. Also use Bixby to capture photo or record video in your Samsung S10.

How to take photo using palm on Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus Pie 9.0

Camera > Settings gear icon at upper left corner > Shooting methods > Show palm

You can use Google camera on galaxy S10 plus and S10 to take pictures in low-light and portrait mode in your devices.

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