How to update Netflix country on Android

How to update Netflix country on Android

First of all download and install VPN proxy app in your android or iPhone devices such as Hola/ Express VPN/Thunder VPN/PrivateVPN or other VPN app you want.

Step 1: Download and install VPN proxy app from above given list you want to install in your android

Step 2: Now open VPN proxy app and tap connect

This VPN app wants to setup a VPN connection that allows it to monitor network traffic. Only accept if you trust the source.

Step 3: Tap OK

Step 4: Tap Country icon at upper left corner of the screen

Step 5: Choose country from the list you want to use

Step 6: Now tap Netflix app

Step 7: Tap Start to change Netflix region to (your location).

Step 8: Now follow on screen instruction in your device.

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