Huawei Denies Reports of Supplying 5G Modems for 5G-enabled Apple iPhones

China’s Huawei Technologies said on Tuesday it has not held talks with Apple Inc about supplying 5G chipsets, a day after its founder said it was open to selling such chips to the U.S. firm which has yet to unveil dates for a next-gen iPhone.

Today, at a Q&A session Huawei representatives squashed such rumors, saying:

“We have no change in our chipset strategy, and no communication with Apple on 5G modems.” 

Samsung started selling 5G phones in South Korea this month ahead of the global introduction of 5G networks, and Huawei, whose smartphones outsold iPhones in the fourth quarter, plans to launch a 5G phone in June. “We have not had discussions with Apple on this issue,” Huawei’s rotating Chairman Ken Hu said on Tuesday, adding he looked forward to Apple’s competition in the 5G phone market.