Huawei Honor 20 posters shows quad cameras

These posters not only confirm the number of (rear) cameras on the phones but one of them actually tells us what type of lens each sensor uses.

As you can see in the images above, there are four piercings on the lips and ear, signifying the Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro will have quad rear cameras. The images also show us the cameras are arranged in an L-shape.

ast week, the camera specs for the Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro were leaked. The Honor 20 will have a 48MP f/1.8 primary camera, a 16MP super wide-angle camera, a 2MP depth assist camera, and a 2MP Macro camera. The Honor 20 Pro will also have a 48MP primary camera too but with a larger f/1.4 aperture. There is a 16MP super wide-angle camera too but it swaps the 2MP depth sensor for an 8MP telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom.