Huawei is Rolling Out Update For Huwei Mate Pro

If you own a Huawei Mate 20 Pro and have got bored with using the same software. The company has rolled out some new updates with Mazor changes for the flagship smartphone Mate 20 Pro. The new update has also brought support for the ViLTE, which short name for video over LTE. So the user will be able to place video calls, that too without any third party app, this new feature is not only for Mate 20 user but will be rolled out for all the Huawei users soon. With the ViLTE, the new update has also updated with the latest Android security patch.

The new update carries the build number and is 158MB in size. The users will receive the update by OTA in a few days. Let's talk about some real features on ViLTE, the feature is an extension of Voice over LTE, which is made to enhance the quality of video calls. The ViLTE is based on IP Multimedia System core network like VoLTE.  The biggest benefit of this is, the user can make a video call without using any third party app.