Intel Releases Optane Memory H10: Specifications

The Optane Memory H10 has undergone a major change from the existing Optane Memory family. It is a unique 2-in-1 SSD that combines 3D Xpoint memory and QLC NAND flash on a single M.2 module.

The H10 basically integrates the existing Optane Memory M10 module and the Intel 660p QLC SSD onto a single drive. The Optane section is used as a cache for the QLC part, using the Windows optane memory cache driver previously recommended by Intel for standalone optane memory M.2 modules and mechanical hard disks .

There are three types of Optane Memory H10, and QLC NAND capacity ranges from 256GB to 1TB. The 256GB model will have 16GB of Optane storage capacity, while the 512GB and 1TB will have 32GB of Optane storage capacity. All three capacities are implemented as single-sided M.2 modules, with approximately half of the cards dedicated to the Optane controller, media and PMIC, and the other half containing the Silicon Motion SM2263 controller, DRAM and QLC NAND.

Intel requires the H10 to be used with the 300 Series PCH and the 8th generation of the core U-series mobile processors.