iOS 13 Features Leaked- Huge Changes

According to the leak, obtained by 9to5Mac suggest that multiwindow application support is scheduled for the next annual iOS update, overcoming the biggest remaining obstacle to using the iPad as a productivity-class machine.

Dark Mode: One feature for iOS 13 detailed by the report is Dark Mode, which iPhone users have been demanding for a while now, which is a visual effect that would make windows, apps and menus dark. 

Multiwindow support comes in the form of "panels" which can be detached from the parent app and rearranged. Veteran Windows programmers will know this as Multiple-Document Interface or MDI.

The site also noted: "Safari on iOS 13 for the iPad will automatically ask for a desktop version of websites when necessary

Undo gesture, Safari improvements, and font management :A new gesture Apple could add – currently gestures can bring up various menus or toolbars, but the report suggests an 'undo' gesture is coming too. And the rest feature will be  Smarter Mail, New Volume HUD and other changes.