Jio is coming with a new smartphone this year

A year back the Indian telecom company launched a simple Jio phone, and within a few weeks, it became the 10th largest brand in the world. With launching cheap 4G internet service, the company made it ways to many more services and launching new services in almost every month. Now the company is launching its next phone. 

The phone will be a touch-screen smartphone, instead of a feature phone like previous phones, the chipset of the smartphone is still unknown. The phone is supposed to come with 2GB of RAM and Huge storage of 64GB. The phone will also have a micro SD card slot so you can extend it even more.  All the configuration make it enough power for running Android.

With all this high specification, the New Jio Phone will come at a price, especially when compared to other phones launched by the company. The phone is supposed to be coming at INR 45,00 or $63.

Well with paying more, you obviously get more features, the phone has a 5MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera.  The phone is expected to be launch in June this year.