Lg Announce the Next Flagship Smartphone at Mobile World Congress

Almost every smartphone manufacturer is coming up with new technologies in the smartphone, especially when it comes to camera everyone is doing better than others. In this race LG announced its next flagship the G8 Thinq at Mobile World Congress, the smartphone will have a Tof front Camera. The sensor for the camera was developed by the Germon Company Infineon until now there are not many details available about the sensor. 

The new sensor chip will be able to measure the object by capturing infrared light reflected from the object in front of it. So all this mean is the camera will also work effectively in a low light situation and will reduce the work for the processor in capturing the image. The Tof Sensor will deliver extra security for face unlock and for VR application.

According to the president of Infineon's power management and Multimarket division, 3D Camera will be the part of every smartphone in the next 5 years and the company will contribute a share towards it.