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LG patents a transparent foldable phone, Patent No. 10,254,863

Date: 10 April 2019

The LG transparent mobile phone patent application has been awarded US Patent No. 10,254,863, which relates to a most transparent display. The patent was filed in 2015 and the information shows that half of the device has adjustable transparency and the other half has a transparent portion and an opaque portion to accommodate its battery.

Earlier this year, Samsung and Huawei announced the launch of folding smart phones , they have not been able to price the device at less than $ 2000. LG can sneak into R&D as usual, and is not chasing in hype, so don't expect LG transparent folding smartphones to be available soon. LG certainly has the necessary technology to make transparent folding smartphones a reality.

LG Display is a nominally independent company, but it has a good relationship with LG Electronics and has demonstrated a rollable OLED screen and transparent display.

The design of the hinge part of the new LG patent is also eye-catching, and a large part of the attached image is dedicated to the hinge, which is a rather complicated mechanism.

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