More news from Galaxy S10: its UD fingerprint reader won't work with a screen protector

Shocking discovery for the lot who prefer to have screen protectors as an extra safety guarantee. A rumor declares that the Galaxy S10's under-display fingerprint reader is not compatible with screen protectors.

The vanilla Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10+ will make use of a newest in-display fingerprint tech and it is assumed that they will put the ultrasonic fingerprint technology in place—as it has a tendency to have more reliability, speed and accuracy over the optical fingerprint tech that exists.

According to twitter handler, @armadillotek, his test on the GalaxyS10 phones and his products proved this ideology.

Still, we are not sure of the materials that were used for the test and we imagine that Samsung is capable of producing their own screen protectors that are actually compatible. We are just waiting till March to know for sure.