OnePlus smartphones will be receiving DC Dimming feature

DC dimming control has been gaining a lot of attention because of being a more effective way of controlling the light output of an LED fixture.

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus has said that it will soon roll out DC Dimming feature which will be available for users who are willing to test the feature early. It is expected to be available in the lab or in the developer preview version. The company has reportedly completed testing the DC dimming feature with its engineering demo.

The DC Dimming technology uses a DC voltage between 0 and 10 to control the light output of the LED fixture. As the voltage goes up or down, the corresponding 0-10V dimmable driver matches the light output of the fixture to increase or decrease up to a certain percentage.

The feature is already available in Xiaomi Black Shark 2 gaming smartphone. The Xiaomi Mi 9 has already received the support for this feature in a new MIUI 10 beta update.