Qualcomm Launched A New Chipset With aster CPU and Quick Charge 4+

Here on ABCARENA we mostly talk about smartphones, the latest technologies evolving into our smartphones, so today lets talk about the core force that keeps a smartphone running, the processor. So we have a new about it, Qualcomm the leading processor maker company announced a new chipset, the Snapdragon 712.  The chipset is built on the 10nm process and comes at a little upgrade of popular Snapdragon 710.  The processor is equipped with a faster octa-core processor, that will add more performance boost to your smartphone.

Coming to the key difference, the eight Kryi 360 cores, that run at 2.3 GHz. The 712 also have Quick charge 4+ instead of just Quick Charge 4 which is obviously gonna to affect the charging time of the phone, it also has better Bluetooth audio  with the TrueWireless Stereo Plus and Broadcast Audio technologies

The 712 didn't replace the Adreno 616 GPU and the Hexagon 685 DSP and some other stuff. like the modem of the chipset is Snapdragon X15 which supports for LTE Cat. 15 downlink and Cat.13 uplink, which can offer you a high 800Mbps of download speed and 150Mbps of upload speed. Coming to the camera support it's still up to 20MP dual camera od 32MP single camera.