Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ live images surface

With still a month to the launch of Samsung's Galaxy S10 trio the anticipation continues to build up. A lot of information and images have been leaked to the public but none have been able to capture the trio in as much detail as these live ones have.

Galaxy s10 live images.PNG

The first noticeable difference in the prototypes are alteration in the size of the bezels. In recent images they appear to be only slightly bigger than those in the former renders,  but that isn't so surprising. The photos also affirm the fact that the more expensive Plus variant will feature a slightly better screen-to-body ratio and a dual front-facing camera setup. More importantly, the 3.5mm jack is here to stay, which is a great relief for some.

Galaxy s10 live images-3.PNG

The back is pretty similar to that of the Galaxy Note9 but it sports another camera and gets rid of the fingerprint reader, which just serves as another indication that those two will use an in-display scanner.