Samsung Galaxy S10 specs, release date and rumours Whats the story so far

The Samsung galaxy S10 supposed to launch in earlier 2019. But the rumours are already in the market, the Samsung galaxy S10 will be the next flagship launch for Samsung. So we are here with some information about what is in the market about Samsung galaxy S10.

Samsung Galaxy S10 release date

Each year there are rumours that some flagship device will be launch in the early half of the year, but mostly it didn’t comes to be true. But this time the biggest conference CES can be a launch venue for the Galaxy S10. and that is gonna to be held in February so we can say that this rumour can become true about the launch.

Samsung Galaxy S10 design

The current design is slim, high quality and distinctive with that Infinity Display but next year is the 10 anniversary for galaxy device so we can expect some big changes. Same as the apple did in iPhone X in 2017. The rumours in the market say that the bezel will reduce or maybe a small chamfered edge like the note 9. It can also introduce some new colours, but it’s too early to tell anything about the design but based on some research about it we can.

Samsung Galaxy S10 display, with fingerprint scanning

Putting a fingerprint sensor under the screen is the new trend in the smartphone industry. So we the rumours are that Samsung is also working on putting fingerprint sensor under the display. ETNews is also claiming that this will be manufactured by Qualcomm and said that Samsung has confirmed that.

The galaxy S8 and S9 offers a sharp display with 570 and 530ppi respectively but putting a 600ppi display will be a huge step. The 600ppi will likely be for the smaller S10, whereas the Galaxy S10+ will take a slight dip in density. For Samsung to achieve 600ppi in a similar 5.8-inch screen as the Galaxy S9, the resolution of the display will need to be increased to near 4K quality.

Like S8 and S9, the S10 will also have the infinity display, but rumours are that it will be a little bigger in size. From 5.77 inches it will increase to 5.8 inches and 6.22 inches will be increased to 6.3 inches. For the S10 and S10 plus. The display design has been confirmed and will be going to production in November this year.

What are the Samsung Galaxy S10 specs?

Now let’s talk about the specs the S10 can be packed with the S10 is supposed to have 5g support with the latest Exynos and Snapdragon SoC processor, some other specs are AI-specific chipset, with CPU, GPU and separate neural processor, 5G modem, UFS 3.0 storage, LPDDR5 RAM, 93 per cent or more screen-to-body ratio, 9th-generation mobile Super, AMOLED display, 3D AI processing with camera, L-shaped battery.

Samsung is working with a South Korean carrier to launch a 5G phone but as the Samsung mobile chief, DJ Koh told Korean journalists says it won’t be S10, to have the 5g phone as there are no 5G networks rolled out.

Samsung is always offering the latest Exynos hardware and the latest Qualcomm hardware. So the next smartphone can have 7nm for improved efficiencies. The thing we all will love is Samsung won’t remove the 3.5 mm audio jack.

Samsung Galaxy S10 software

The S10 will be running on the latest android version android pie. And can have the next generation Bixby. Samsung has dramatically improved the software in its recent devices, as it will be packed with an impressive reworking of android so we don’t expect to change it that much, but there are some other fields like smart things and Bixby where Samsung can expand itself.

Galaxy S10 camera: Three lenses?

When everyone is running towards two cameras, the Samsung can bring 3 cameras in S10. The Huawei has already introduced this in P20. we can’t say anything for sure as this is just rumours but after Huawei’s p20 the tripel lens camera can be a big move.
It is also claimed that the front-facing camera can be hidden under the screen, if its so, then it will be a really big move in the smartphone industry.