Samsung is Launching Galaxy Buds With Galaxy S10, Here Are The Features

Samsung has always launched a pair or headphones with the flagship launch, so same with the Samsung S10, But for this time, instead of AKG headphone, the company is launching a pair of Galaxy buds.

Coming to the features of the buds, the buds are wirelessly chargable, but the battery is less powered when compared with Gear IconX, while the Gear IconX has 85mAh battery, the new Galaxy Buds have only 58mAh, coming to the case while the Gear IconX had 340mAh battery, the new buds case only have 252mAH. You can also charge your new Galaxy Buds with the S10 Smartphone via reverse charging, and the best thing is you can play the music without having the smartphone with you.

The new Galaxy Buds have 8GB of internal storage so it should be enough for more than a thousand songs, the buds also support for Bluetooth 5.0. Samsung will launch the buds with the Galaxy S10 smartphone, and the company is also offering the buds as a gift on pre-ordering the smartphone(In Some Countries)  But in the early March, the company can put the buds in the market to buy separately from the S10.