Save the date: Google I/O 2019 schedule and venue are now official

The verbally scarce, but still exciting details come from Sundar Pichai himself. He posted on Twitter "Glad the transmission was received :) See you at Shoreline Amphitheatre May 7-9 for this year's I/O! #io19". The Mountain View, California spot has already been the venue of choice of Google I/O last three years in a row, making it pretty easily predictable info overall.

What is harder to work out or simply guess, however, is Google's plans for the conference. But we can try to make some educated guesses or at least offer a run-down of some of the things we know the online titan is currently working on behind the scenes.

Since I/O is a developer conference, its safe to assume that the new Android Q mobile OS iteration will be prominently featured on stage and we would finally be able to get more than a glimpse of it.

In respect to the hardware, it is definitely a little early for a Pixel 4 family. However, The Pixel 3 Lite has already been leaking left and right. We have even started to expect a "XL" version of the Lite to come out at some point, but info has been scarce and conflicting, to say the least. Hopefully Google would decide to shed some light on that front as well.

And just to throw a couple more interesting potential I/O topics into the mix, we will remind you that Google just recently bought some mysterious smartwatch tech from Fossil for a hefty $40 million.