South Korea wants to build the world's strongest 5G ecosystem

According to the "Korea Times" website, the South Korean government said on Monday that South Korea is doing its utmost to become the leader of the 5G network and has set an ambitious goal: to create 60 in related industries by 2026. Ten thousand jobs and a $73 billion export scale.

To achieve this goal, the Korean government stated that it will vigorously cultivate an industry and service ecosystem based on 5G networks. The project, called “5G+ Strategic Business”, will focus on 10 industries and 5 key services.

Ten of these industries include next-generation smartphones, networking equipment, information security, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devices, drones, robots, smart CCTV and wearables, and five key services. Includes immersive content, smart factories, autonomous driving, smart city and digital healthcare.

For example, in digital medical services, the Korean government will develop a 5G-based emergency medical system by 2021, and plans to apply it to 20% of emergency medical centers nationwide by 2025.

The government said that the 600,000 new jobs will come from the process of cultivating these industrial services and industries based on 5G networks. The Korean government expects that the global market for 5G-related businesses will reach 1,161 trillion won by 2026.

South Korean President Wen said that 5G will bring new opportunities to South Korea’s industry and economy. He added that through "public-private" cooperation, South Korea will provide comprehensive 5G coverage nationwide by 2022.