Spotify is live in India Now, Here are the price details

After facing some legal trouble, finally, the service is live in India. To settle is down the company has to agree on some agreements with some companies.

We're pleased with today's outcome. It ensures songwriters, artists, labels, and publishers will benefit from the financial opportunity of the Indian market and that consumers will enjoy an excellent Spotify experience. As we've said all along, we're hopeful for a negotiated solution with Warner based on market rates.

Both the companies Sony and Universal signed the agreement with ease but it was a little complicated with Warner. It was even accused of "abusive behaviour" by Spotify. To handle this Spotify claimed a licence that is intended to be used with broadcasters like TV and Radio, So when Ward filed an injunction on the company, it was rejected. 

Spotify has also revealed the pricing of the plans for India, if you are also interested in purchasing this, here are the plans for you. 

  • 1 day for 13 INR
  • 7 days for 39 INR
  • 1 month for 129 INR
  • 3 months for 389 INR
  • 6 months for 719 INR
  • 1 year for 1189 INR

50% off / month for students enrolled in college

You can download the application from google play or apple store right now and enjoy your favourite music on Spotify.